Our P&G Alumni Coaches are world-class certified professional coaches 

As a diverse cohort of coaches, we aim to reflect the uniqueness of the clients we serve. Our individual uniqueness allows us to strengthen our connection with clients to discover and unleash their full potential. In turn, we enable our clients to deepen their impact within the organizations and communities they serve.

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Become an Influential Game-Changer

Bernice helps leaders craft their executive BRAND & PRESENCE.

Clients that are a best fit are those who:

·         Need powerful influencing skills

·         Feel unsure if they are communicating with impact

·         Fear that they may not be bringing others along

·         Want to be an inspiring leader who galvanizes others into purposeful action

Bernice leverages her 25+ years’ experience as an executive and brand expert in Fortune 100 companies to help senior leaders create a purpose-centered personal BRAND and amplify their leadership PRESENCE, so they can lead with authenticity and influence with impact.

She uses a broad set of proven-effective TOOLS to help clients:

·         Reframe their mindset

·         Master communication skills

·         Build strong networks

·         Lead others thru effective change

In her private life, Bernice is an avid explorer, adventurer, and life-long learner.   Together with her husband, Greg, they have traveled to over 80 countries and have shared amazing experiences like hiking the Inca Trail, camping with Bedouins in the Saharan dessert, meditating with monks in the jungles of Thailand, etc.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Global Marketing, Brand Management, Innovation,  Corporate Strategies, Change Leadership, Organization Transformation, Business Integration.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Bernice’s clients are senior leaders (C-level, VPs, Directors) and span a wide range of categories, including consumer products, healthcare, consulting, finance, and technology. Her clients include executives in:  Abbvie, Amazon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Comcast, Edelman, Goldman Sachs, Harley-Davidson,  Hermes, Kimberly Clark, Lego, P&G, Pinterest, Russell Reynolds, SC Johnson,  etc.

LOCATION:  Chicago, Illinois 

LANGUAGES:  English, Chinese, Tagalog

Empowering leaders to lead with purpose, connect and energize others, and elevate their voice to achieve their goals and thrive in their professional and personal life.  

Building on her 28+ years of corporate operational and talent development experience, Mary is an experienced (since 2013) ICF-certified executive coach and technical consultant.  She works closely with C-Suite leaders, senior and mid-level executives, and senior technologists to motivate and empower others, strengthen senior team cohesiveness, gain the relationship building and influence skills needed to meet their goals and advance their careers, and establish the long-term business and innovation strategies fueling strategic growth.

Educated as a Chemical Engineer, she earned a reputation as a trailblazer at Procter & Gamble for her leadership, candor, demand for excellence, and achievements in “making innovation happen” and developing high-performing talent.  Personally, she broke multiple glass ceilings as the first African American female to attain Vice President/Sr. Vice President of R&D and as a strong diversity leader, she mentored and sponsored a multitude of diverse professionals across all cultures to senior executive and senior technologist levels.

Attracted to unconventional challenges and profoundly results-focused, she guides professionals to maximize their performance, engagement, and resolve their most challenging leadership issues.

In her personal life, Mary loves traveling and lives with her husband Mike in Cincinnati.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND: Global Research & Development, Innovation, Global Strategy Development/Deployment, Global Lead Team Leadership, Project Stage Gate management, Leading Organizational Change, Consumer Products (CPG/FMCG), Consumer/Market Understanding.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Procter & Gamble, Warner-Lambert Parke-Davis, Prestige Value Brands. Mary’s Clients are senior (C-level, VP’s, Directors) and mid-level leaders and technologists.  They span both corporate and entrepreneurs in a wide range of categories including consumer products, health care, technology, and consulting.  Her clients include Procter & Gamble, Advance Testing Laboratory, Urban Land Institute, Duke Energy, Ford Motor Company, Firmenich, Clorox, Brickly Innovations, Wiley’s Finest, LLC.

LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them” – Stephen Covey. This quote has fueled my life for the past 15 years and is at the heart of how I support my clients to lead more fulfilled lives and careers.

Founder of Ellumine Consulting and Coaching, Roula is passionate about helping professionals, particularly women, to live their best lives and be the leaders that they aspire to be.


As former Senior Executive, Roula was always best at growing people and building high-performing teams and had the privilege to climb corporate hierarchy while retaining her female leadership style. As an Insights professional, she also excelled at deeply understanding people to build insights that fuel growth. She now uses these skills to help her clients connect to their essence, build clarity & confidence, overcome self-harshness and doubt, and navigate challenges, in pursuit of their objectives.


In her forties, Roula went through multiple periods of doubt and pain that ultimately led her to re-orient her career to her area of passion: people development.


Roula is a national of 3 countries in 3 different continents: Lebanon - her country of origin, Morocco where she started her career, and Switzerland - her home for the past 2 decades and where she met her husband. She works with clients across many parts of the globe.


Roula is an avid reader and learner. She is particularly passionate about Applied Neuroscience and how to leverage the power of the mind to help her clients create and sustain the change that they want in their lives and work.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND: Consumer & Market Insights, Strategy, Organizational Design & Development, Integration of Acquisitions, Organizational Health, Leadership Development. Individual & Executive Coaching. Leadership Development program to Organizations such as P&G & EBRD.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: PepsiCo Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa Vice President Insights (4 years). P&G CMK (20 years) up to Director level (now VP).

LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland 

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, French 


What makes leaders exceptional is their ‘people sense’ the ability to connect to the hearts and minds of the organizations they lead.

How leaders do this is where I can add value as your coach

Carol has a strong background in delivering executive coaching and learning & development programs to corporate clients across the Asia and Pacific region.  Through active listening and insightful questions one executive leader shared how with Carol as his coach, he was equipped with new approaches and strategies to reach his goals. 

To do this she uses insights coming from the latest in neuroscience that, for example, unlocks how individuals can successfully embrace change.  For Leaders it helps you navigate these four key domains;  staying cool under pressure, better decision making, creating effective change strategies and modelling collaboration across the organization.

Currently, she is based in Singapore where she lives and works. Prior to coaching she was Associate Director, Customer Service & Logistics Asia, Procter & Gamble, where during her 26-year career with P&G she held various leadership roles.

Roles that included leading-edge work developing organizations and driving leadership breakthroughs in people capability and growth while at the same time being a key player in customer team success, and leading dramatic improvement in cross border service reliability into Asia.

In addition to coaching, she also devotes time working with Dementia Singapore Ltd to facilitate Person Centered Care (PCC) programs to improve care practices. On a personal note, Carol is enthusiastic about health and fitness and loves to share what she has learned and lives by! 




Business Excellence qualification, Supply Chain agility, Leading organization change, Customer Management, Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment, Gary Hamel’s strategic intent

As a coach have worked with business executives, managers, top talent candidates and entrepreneurs; in areas of career change, job performance and personal priorities. 


Procter & Gamble, Associate Director Customer Service & Logistics, India, SE Asia, Greater China, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Management Corp; D&I program facilitator American Express in Singapore and Taiwan

SSH School of Public Health, National Univ of Singapore to assess Nursing Home adoption of PCC practices

LOCATION:  Singapore 

LANGUAGES:  English 

Who you are fuels how you lead.  

Dawn helps senior leaders navigate change and succeed in demanding, high stakes and unpredictable environments.

An executive coach with extensive experience leading organizations, she helps her clients master complexity, extend their influence, and build unstoppable teams. Dawn’s customized approach equips leaders with strategies, processes, and skills needed to lead authentically and navigate challenging problems. Her clients create enduring and outstanding transformations in both business and organizational performance.

Dawn is a practiced global business leader with 30 years of experience working across culturally diverse environments in Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Latin America.  She has led the start-up, expansion, and restructuring of billion-dollar businesses and guided hundredths of individuals, teams, and organizations to push through boundaries of what’s possible to achieve breakthrough results. 




BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  International Operations (Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Product Development), Global Lead Team Leadership, Supply Chain Strategy and Design, Innovation, Leading Organizational Change.


PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Coaching and Facilitating – working across industries with individuals and organizations of all sizes and growth stages: Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Beiersdorf, Sony, Forester, Constellation Brands, Mercury Gate International, and Illinois Dept or Transportation.

LOCATION: Greater Denver Area, Colorado, USA


LANGUAGES: English (fluent); German (proficient), Turkish and Mandarin (Basic)

Helping women transform mindset and behavior, and step fully into their potential, whatever it may be.

Esther Goette is a certified professional coach and leadership development consultant with over 10 years of coaching and facilitation experience. She works with international leaders, particularly women leaders, in supporting their professional and personal growth

Esther builds on her 20 years career as a global marketing executive with roles in strategic leadership as well as operations/line management. She is an experienced global leader of multi-functional and multi-cultural teams and has held leadership positions with Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble and Novartis OTC, in Europe and the USA. She understands the complexity of working in a diverse environment, the challenges organizational change can impose and the leadership competencies required to thrive in global organizations. During the last 5 years she served in several leadership positions within the International Coaching Federation in Switzerland, and from 2018 to 2019 as their president.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Global Marketing, Innovation, Brand Management, Change Leadership

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Some of the clients Esther has worked with include Gavi; APT; WHO; World Economic Forum; WEF GLF; ILO; GCSP; The Global Fund; Roche; Johnson & Johnson; Coty; Novartis; Tetra Pak; Coca-Cola; Porsche.

LOCATION:  Geneva, Switzerland

LANGUAGES:  English, German, Spanish

Empowering courageous leadership to shape your life and to make an impact.

Florence is an Executive Coach, Author and Strategy Consultant and heads the company ambitionize®.


Courage – the capacity to step out of your comfort zone and to take on risks – needs attention, awareness, and aptitude. Florence has made it her personal mission to spread courage in the world. Our world needs action out of the ordinary, outside of the comfort zone. And the same may be true in your personal life.


Courage comes from commitment. What is your commitment? To yourself, to others, to a project, to the wider community? And what strategy do you need to bring this commitment to life? How do you align head, heart and body to create the energy that pulls you forward?


A coaching partnership with Florence will support you in defining your ambitions, deepening your self-reflection and mobilizing your courage. Facing and overcoming resistance, difficulties and obstacles is “part of the game”.


Through her coaching, available choices will become much clearer, you will gain new perspectives and generate fresh energy to making things happen.


Florence is an entrepreneur, with tenure as Senior Executive in Strategy, Market Research and Innovation at eg. Heineken International, Estée Lauder Companies, Procter & Gamble. Worked and lived in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and France.


Florence graduated with honors in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Wuppertal in Germany. Mother of three, lives in Germany.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Consumer & Market Intelligence, CRM, New Business Development, Product Innovation, Digitalization at national, European, and Global Scale.

Coaches Senior Executives, managers, top talents, entrepreneurs in the area of life purpose and ambition, leadership presence, conflict management, and strategy development.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Procter & Gamble, Associate Director CMI. Melitta, Director Brand & Business Strategy, Head of Innovation. Estée Lauder, Vice President Market Research & CRM. Heineken, Global Senior Director CMI. Fontem Ventures, Director Insights & Intelligence

LOCATION:  Cologne, Germany 

LANGUAGESEnglish, German French

Transformation is part of a journey; it’s our way to move forward to our authenticity, happiness, achievements and harmony. I am here to support you in making this journey a unique and successful experience.

Anna is an ICF-certified (PCC) coach who works with leaders and entrepreneurs from across geographies, genders, and generations. She brings over 20 years of corporate experience in change management, service delivery, organizational & operational transformation, innovation, workplace strategy, and people development. Anna managed teams in Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and worked on a global role in a matrix environment, developing and cascading initiatives to countries across the globe. She worked and lived in Moscow and Manila, with short-term assignments in Istanbul, Munich, London, Cairo, Paris, and Bucharest.

Anna knows what transformation is – not from the movies or webinars; she had to confront challenging life experiences and learn to be her true self in very different and often tough situations. That made her an advocate of resilience, fulfillment, personal growth, and authenticity. Anna’s clients say that her positive energy, ability to zoom in on their strengths, approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, knowledge in neuroscience, attention to emotions, and body language help them make important decisions, achieve outstanding results and sustain change.

Anna loves reading, sailing, painting, and playing golf; she is a keen long-distance runner. She lived 5 years in the Philippines, where she married in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Following her husband’s assignment in Kuala Lumpur, she has recently relocated to Malaysia.




BUSINESS BACKGROUND: Change Management, Quality, Innovations, Workplace Experience, Outsourcing, Strategic sourcing, Customer Experience .

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:   Among Anna's coaching clients are senior managers, business owners, CEOs, and freelancers from across geographies and generations. Clients she worked with include leaders from the Top Ten Pharma, Consulting and Real Estate companies, the largest chip manufacturers, BPO, Insurance and Fitness industries, the largest Filipino conglomerates, and the Foreign Chambers of Commerce & Industry in the Philippines.

LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LANGUAGES: English, Russian 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are” by Carl Jung.  This quote inspires my work in supporting extraordinary individuals in their professional and personal growth.


Chris is an executive coach and organizational consultant specializing in leadership development, change management, and career transitions. She works closely with all-level leaders to increase self-mastery and strengthen capabilities to achieve their desired outcomes.  

Chris brings over 21 years of corporate experience in supply chain strategy and operations, innovation, and organizational change, living and working in the US, Germany, and Switzerland. She integrates her global business background with expertise in adult development and change frameworks to help leaders build the necessary skills to grow and thrive in today’s complex and dynamic world. Clients say Chris has an uncanny ability to help them see themselves and their environment in new ways to champion their own transformation. With a deep understanding of group dynamics and how our thoughts, emotions, and individual stories affect our leadership behavior, she helps clients quickly gain clarity and confidence, resolve sticky challenges, strengthen collaboration, and breakthrough to their next level of impact and fulfillment. 

A champion of empowering women, she created an all-female personal development program in the Swiss Alps and is a past board member of the Geneva Professional Women’s Network where she led the mentoring program. 

Chris is originally from the United States and now calls Switzerland home. An avid explorer, she strives for a mix of adventure, intellectual and creative pursuits, and reflective practice in her life. On weekends she can be found hiking or swimming near her home in Geneva, spending time with friends and family, or enjoying simple joys like sunsets and great wine.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND: Supply Chain Strategy and Design, Innovation, Manufacturing Operations, Change Management, Organizational Design, Team Development, FMCG & Pharma, Career Transition Consulting

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Kimberly Clark, P&G, Performance Development Partners

LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland

LANGUAGES: English, Conversational French

Supporting you to find the answers and the power within to get where you want to go.

Heidi is passionate about supporting you to connect to your own inner genius to accomplish your goals.  She believes we have our own innate wisdom and when we are deeply listened to and really seen, heard and accepted right where we are, we can easily access it to achieve our full potential in work and life.

Heidi has decades of experience as a global executive innovation leader and a working mother living internationally, and more recently as an entrepreneur.

As an executive coach, Heidi is passionate about supporting leaders to create high performing, resilient, psychologically safe, innovative, thriving work cultures which attract and retain talent.  She has extensive experience leading innovation, platform management, diversity, equity and inclusion, organizational development and building great workplace cultures. 

Heidi also went through her own dark night of the soul.  She transformed through the experience, landing in the next chapter of her life, which is more amazing than she could ever have imagined.  Her book, Choose Love, is a teaching memoir about how to successfully navigate such difficult situations.

As a life coach, she is passionate about supporting others to live their best life; to achieve their goals related to family and friends, health and wellness, balance and resilience, doing what they love and finding and achieving in their life's work.  Heidi is a trauma-informed coach and sensitive to the impact trauma has on how we navigate work and life. 

She also offers somatic and systems mapping approaches to uncover hidden wisdom, reveal insights and support releasing stuck emotions and recurring patterns, enabling us to move forward with more ease and grace.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Global research and development innovation executive leadership across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia, North and Latin American, Site leadership across businesses, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program lead, global product platform leadership.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Coaching and Facilitating – working across industries with individuals and organizations of all sizes and growth stages including clients from The LEGO Group, eBay, Coty, NSIDC, Vicor, the Metabolic Terrain Group and Sholder 

LOCATION:  Boulder, Colorado, USA

LANGUAGESEnglish (fluent); French and Italian (proficient); German (Basic) 

Empowering professionals to reach their EXTRAORDINARY self in business and in life.

Ilhiana is an Executive, Leadership, and Career Transformation Strategy Coach, a Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst, and an international motivational speaker. 

Her mission is to empower professionals to reach their extraordinary selves in business and in life. Between her corporate experience and her coaching expertise, Ilhiana uses proven methodologies and strategies to guide her clients to redesign their careers, strengthen leadership qualities, and build a strong Personal Brand to lean in and stand out.  

With over 20 years of executive experience leading and coaching professionals, teams, and businesses into success for notable Fortune 500 companies, Ilhiana understands the mindset, skillset, and behaviors required to achieve success.  Through her coaching strategies, programs, and workshops, Ilhiana has impacted over 2000+ professionals, fostering new skills, attitudes, and behaviors with clear action-driven blueprints resulting in positive career, business and workplace performance. 

Ilhiana has been recognized by the NewYork Journal as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Women to watch in 2021, and has been featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates. In 2020 she was recognized by Amplify LatinX as a Latinx Amplifier Honoree, and by Social Enterprise Greenhouse for her Extraordinary Contributions. 

Ilhiana graduated with honors as a Chemical Engineer in Mexico City and lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two kids.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Global Marketing & Sales, Brand Management,  Product Development, Public Relations, New Business Development, Media & Entertainment.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Chief Development Officer for ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America),  Vice-Chair of the Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of the National Wellness Institute, and Founding Venture Partner for AccelHub Venture Partners. She also serves as an advisor to Social Enterprise Greenhouse, WiseHer, Network of Executive Women, and the Center for Women & Enterprise to support their DEI efforts.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  P&G, Hanesbrands, Hasbro Inc

LOCATION:  Boston, MA 

LANGUAGES:  English, Spanish

I am on a mission to help you transform and maximize your potential, unlock the next level of your greatness, and become the remarkable and fulfilled leaders you are destined to be 

Sophia Toh is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, a certified coach by the Gallup Clifton’s Strengths organization, Coach Diversity Institute, and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Coaching Center. She is also a certified trainer in the Four Stages of Psychological Safety ™. Sophia has 20 years of experience in corporate finance, accounting, strategy, organizational, and entrepreneurial leadership for multi-billion brands at Procter and Gamble and Kraft Heinz as a people + business + organization development and transformation leader.  She was a former CFO of the P&G subsidiary, Walker & Company Brands, and a five-billion business unit at Kraft Heinz.

After hundreds of coaching sessions and clients, Sophia had the honor of witnessing incredible success stories – clients who found their voice, stepped into their confidence, and took giant leaps toward their dream roles. There's nothing more fulfilling to Sophia than seeing clients grow and thrive.

In Nov of 2022, Sophia’s company, Illuminate U Coaching, LLC, was featured by ManageHR Magazine as one of the top 10 emerging leadership development companies in the US.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Finance, Accounting, Strategy, Organizational Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Management, Culture and Engagement, Supply Chain, IT, Retailers, DTC, and Shared Services. 

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Sophia has coached hundreds of executives - CFOs, CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, and senior leaders from more than 70 organizations globally in the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors.

LOCATION:  Altanta, GA 

LANGUAGES:  English, Mandarin, Chinese

Empowering you to achieve your biggest and most exciting aspirations

As a seasoned Executive Coach, Carol specializes in leadership development, working with senior leaders around the world, with a focus on helping more women move up into senior roles.

 She brings 23 years of leadership knowledge as a former senior executive across multiple Fortune 500 companies and geographies. This wealth of experience gives her an in-depth understanding of the nuances required to navigate the increasing complexity leaders face today.

With multiple certifications and a range of tools, she helps leaders:

Her strategic and purpose-centred approach enables leaders to:

Carol’s work covers a wide range of industries, and across multiple geographies, including leaders at Agile Technology, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Orica, Russell Reynolds, Stagwell Global, and Procter & Gamble. Clients appreciate her genuine warmth, relatability, and willingness to be direct when needed.

Originally from Singapore, Carol has lived and worked in the US and Japan and, together with her husband, currently considers Australia home. She enjoys combining travel with food adventures and movie nights.



BUSINESS BACKGROUND:  Global Marketing, Global Strategy Development/Deployment, Global/Regional Team Leadership, Brand Management

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  P&G, APL, The Timberland Company. Clients are typically senior leaders including leaders at Agile Technology, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Orica and Russell Reynolds.

LOCATION:  Melbourne, Australia

LANGUAGES:  English 

Experience the power of having access  to a group of trusted women leaders who share the same P&G values as you, and have “been there and done that” to help you break past the barriers that are in your way.

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